quinta-feira, maio 27, 2010

Every journey begins with the first step!

But on a voyage of this proportion there are many first steps!
I guess the very first step was making the decision of going... then we bought 
the Lonely Planet India and everything came to a stall!

It is too big, too diverse, there is so much to see!

Talking to people was no big help. Most brazilians who had been there went straigh to an Ashram (Yoga retreat); or Ayuverdic course and stayed there their whole visit. Most are divided in two groups: the ones that think India is absolutely fascinating and those who can only think about the excess population, poverty and, for some reason, corpses floating down the Ganges...

Now we have taken a number of important first steps. We have our flight reservation to Bangalore, one week hotel to get ourselves oriented and over jet-lag, and our ticket out of India from Delhi.

We will let the journey take us!

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